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As part of ARCELORMITTAL TUBULAR PRODUCTS ROMANstrategy, human resources, as main production drive, represent the pillar of policy and objectives achievement. Therefore, besides promoting a safe and healthy working environment, the company supports and encourages the efforts and aspirations of employees for developing their entire potential, their ability to work in team based on mutual trust as well as stimulating the individual initiative and involvement.

Promoting a value compensating system, which should be an incentive for the talented employees, represents a practice that helps the company to recruit quality, talented, disciplined and responsible people.

In order to implement those principles,ARCELORMITTAL TUBULAR PRODUCTS ROMAN established a human resources strategy that provides:

    - Performance development – by encouraging talented people in order to evolve from a professional point of view and to increase its competency in the production activity;

    - Assuming responsibilities at all levels, by ensuring a quality management, contributing to the achievement of organizational performances;

    - Acknowledging the values – by establishing its own promoting system for talented personnel, capable to perform on the competitive standards set in the external competition environment, but targeted especially on internal recruitment;

   - Identification of external human resources that can be recruited in order to improve the expertise occupational panel and the professional experience level.

   - Increasing the level of professional competency, targeted towards the client and care for people’s health and environmental protection.

   - Obtaining a balanced diffusion of human resources on the sales area of the operator, according to the type and importance of activities performed in each specific area.


Thanks to the fairness and integrity in the business practices, ArcelorMittal has a good reputation, and in different ways, we are those who trigger these concepts. Thus, the expectation is that each one of us should engage in a fair behavior and the human resources management entails the setting of professional training and development necessities, destined for maintaining the quality management system and the occupational health and safety system.

In order to manufacture tubular products, under API, TUV, GL, IBR, DMV or PED license, as well as to increase the satisfaction degree of the customer, the personnel that performs activities which influence the conformity with the product requirements has to be competent, reason for which learning needs were identified for all the employees of the company – training, qualification, improvement and authorization.

These programs are structured based on personnel categories, as per the individual competence and are organized by renowned companies as Lloyd’s Register Romania and TUV Rheinland Romania and by some state institutions: CNCAN, ISCIR, ANRE, CENAFER, ARR etc.

ARCELORMITTAL TUBULAR PRODUCTS ROMAN, as one of the most important companies in Romania, with a large economic and financial capacity, supports and helps in creating a fair recruitment and employment environment, as well as opportunities for professional and interpersonal relationships.


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